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Lamor’s solution for the cleanup of oil-contamination in Kuwait’s extreme conditions proven highly successful

Lamor Corporation Plc Press release, 7 August 2023 at 10 AM EEST Global environmental solutions provider Lamor has made a breakthrough in its projects in Kuwait to clean up oil-contaminated soil. The solution developed by company’s experts for Kuwaiti conditions successfully cleans the polluted soil even better than anticipated. Lamor’s global experience in soil remediation projects gave a strong starting point to design the optimal solution for the project.

The pollution is a consequence of the Gulf War, when hundreds of oil wells were torched in Kuwait, causing the world's largest anthropogenic oil spill.

Lamor operates in Kuwait in a consortium with local Khalid Ali Al-Kharafi & Bros. Co. "Working with local partners is a must for us. It helps us navigate in different operating environments and cultures the best way possible. Our local partners are a great asset for us", describes Mika Pirneskoski, CEO of Lamor.

Lamor and Khalid Ali Al-Kharafi & Bros. Co. are responsible for two projects consisting of the planning and implementation of soil remediation in two individual areas. The work includes the development of the optimal solution, the construction of treatment facilities, and the treatment and restoration of soil. The projects started in 2021 and the remediation itself in early 2023.

The treatment technologies consist of both biological cleanup in windrows, i.e. bioremediation, of less contaminated soil, and soil washing units for the more contaminated material.

The bioremediation process turned out to work even better than anticipated in extreme conditions

In bioremediation, the sifted soil is placed in huge 160 meters long piles. Bacterial strains isolated by Lamor's experts are added, together with chemicals that facilitate the bacteria's work, and organic substances that bind water in the process and make the pile airy, allowing the bacteria to work in oxygenated conditions. The windrow turner tills the soil regularly and irrigates the soil with water and other liquid amendments. The bottom of the treatment area has been designed and constructed to prevent leakage. The treatment process allows the soil to be backfilled in its original location and make it suitable for life to flourish again.

"The ability of our professionals to adapt to new environments and conditions, and to transfer the experience and knowledge acquired in other projects have been the key to the success in this incredible project”, says Lamor's project director Manel Fernandez Bosch.

"We always find the optimal technical solution for each need," tells Mika Pirneskoski. "We want to be the customers’ first choice to solve environmental problems. Our committed teams work hard to ensure clean air, soil and ground and surface water resources, promoting biodiversity and food production capabilities."

In Kuwait, the UN funds the clean-up of a 114 square kilometer area with about 26 million cubic meters of oil-contaminated soil. In the first six months into operation, Lamor’s solutions have already cleaned and restored over half a million tons of soil, which translates to approximately 17,000 truckloads.

Manel Fernandez introduces the remediation process on site


Mika Pirneskoski, CEO, Lamor Corporation Plc
Tel. +358 40 757 2151, mika.pirneskoski@lamor.com

Manel Fernandez Bosch, Project Director, Lamor Corporation Plc/Kuwait


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