Kristina's career story: from sales support to Purchaser

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"I started at Lamor in 2022 and have since advanced my career to Purchaser. I find it very exciting to work for a company that contributes to a cleaner world. I also like the team spirit at Lamor. It was very easy for me to get integrated in the company.

I was working for a logistics company before joining Lamor and Lamor was one of our customers. One of Lamor’s former employees, who was leaving the company contacted me and suggested I apply for the Sales Support Assistant position. After that, I have had a chance to work in several positions at Lamor till now: starting from a Sales Support Assistant and Logistics Assistant to a Purchaser starting from April this year.

My job is to follow our oil spill equipment inventories, place component orders with our suppliers, of whom many have been our partners for decades, and make sure that shipments arrive as agreed and everything runs smoothly. I also work with our Purchasing Manager to ensure that our suppliers adhere to our Code of Conduct and sustainability targets.

Originally, I moved to Finland from Ukraine together with my family when I was 15 years old. My grandmother had Finnish roots; therefore, we were allowed to immigrate here.

I studied in Business college in Kouvola, a small city in Eastern Finland in the -90ies. Later I continued studies and graduated as a BBA from Haaga Helia 5 years ago. My professional life has always been linked to logistics, and I already have more than 20 years of experience in this field.

I think that internal communication in the company has improved during the last two years: when I started it was a bit difficult to navigate in the company, find answers to questions, understand who to contact and when. Now it is easy to understand who to contact in different situations and how to deal with different cases.

I have been living in Finland already for a long time: I studied here, established a family, got 2 kids. We live on a beautiful island next to Porvoo, and we have a lot of friends among Finns living in the same area. The legend of all Finns being introverts and hard to make friends with is not true, at least for me. 😊"

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