Submersible Boom

The Lamor submersible boom provides fast response time without the use of personnel, controlling the spill at its origin immediately after it occurs. The construction is heavy duty and the boom is built to last for at least 20 years in normal conditions.The system is completely automatic and there is no personnel requirement. The boom is completely out of sight while it is resting on the seabed, it is not interfering with navigation and it is protected from the elements. By the push of a button it will rise to the surface and perfectly seal off the area to be protected.

Technical Specifications
1400 mm / 55 in
500 mm / 19.7 in
900 mm / 35.4 in
Reserve buoyancy
216 kg/m / 145 lbs/ft
Special Features

Safe and fast deployment

Robust construction, made to last

High buoyancy

Exceptional protection

Always ready for use

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