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28 February, 2017 TRAINING

MOS Demonstration in Halifax

Shelton, CT – February 22 – In mid-February, Lamor Corporation demonstrated an innovative new way to...

27 April, 2016 TRAINING

Lamor takes part in Arctic oil spill response exercise held by Gazprom Neft

This was an unprecedented, full scale Arctic drill providing unique opportunities to examine deploym...

20 January, 2015 TRAINING

Lamor Nearshore Workshop and Equipment Demo Days

A panel of distinguished experts in oil spill response and recovery at the event was chaired by the ...

10 January, 2015 TRAINING

Successful Simulated Arctic OSR Testing

In March, BSEE and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) invited several OSR equipment manufacturers ...

10 January, 2015 TRAINING

Operation Ollie’s Folly

Woodside operates several significant oil and gas installations in Dampier in the north-west of West...