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25 October, 2018 News

Danish Defence receives Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts

The vessels are equipped with diesel inboard engines with bottom cooling/closed cooling system, enab...

24 November, 2015 News

Lamor Peru Granted Oil Spill Response Operator License

“This is a prime example of the intense labor and dedication Lamor promises in order to provide the ...

28 January, 2015 EMERGENCY

Peruvian Pipeline Clean-up Operations

“On June 30, 2014, an oil leak was detected at 41st km of Stretch I of the pipeline. The crude oil t...

20 January, 2015 TRAINING

Lamor Nearshore Workshop and Equipment Demo Days

A panel of distinguished experts in oil spill response and recovery at the event was chaired by the ...

10 January, 2015 TRAINING

Operation Ollie’s Folly

Woodside operates several significant oil and gas installations in Dampier in the north-west of West...