Romania receives new oil recovery vessel

Lamor Corporation 24 March, 2020

The 19-metre Maia is equipped with proven Lamor oil recovery technologies.

From the beautiful blue Danube to the dynamic Black Sea, Romania has some of the world’s most precious marine environments. They are serious about keeping their marine ecosystems clean and recently took delivery of a new anti-pollution vessel with Lamor’s oil recovery technologies.

Romanian oil recovery vessel Maia

Maia is an oil recovery vessel built by Baltic Workboats in Estonia for the Romanian Search and Rescue Society. With a draught of 0.9 metres it is able to operate in shallow coastal waters. The vessel includes an advanced hull shape to cut through waves and improve efficiency, as well as a state-of-the-art oil recovery system from Lamor.

The Lamor in-built Oil Recovery System LORS is a skimming system based on Lamor’s proven technology. It provides the highest possible performance and safety for oil spill recovery operations, turning the entire vessel into an oil slick processing system.

Inflatable sweep booms and 6m aluminium manual jib arms with floats

Maia includes inflatable sweep booms and 6-metre aluminium manual jib arms with floats on both sides of the vessel. The sweep booms are connected to side doors, so when the vessel moves forward in the slick the oil booms guide the oil into the channel inside the vessel.

A Lamor LORS 80 m3/h brush conveyer inside the vessel has three chain brushes that separate the oil from the water. Cleaned water is pumped back out to sea while the brush conveyer lifts the collected oil into a pre-collecting tank.

Lamor in-built Oil Recovery System LORS

Next, a Lamor GTA 30 positive displacement Archimedes screw pump moves the oil to two 2,000-litre oil recovery tanks. Additionally, Lamor has oil bags which can be used for recovered oil. This reduces the need for cleaning after an oil recovery operation.

The skimming area is about 20 metres wide, and at a speed of 4 knots Maia is able to recover about 80 cubic metres of oil per hour. This allows Romanian authorities to quickly, safely and efficiently keep the Black Sea and blue Danube clean and pure.


Lamor in-build oil recovery system on Maia


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