Lamor takes part in Arctic oil spill response exercise held by Gazprom Neft

Lamor Corporation 27 April, 2016

This was an unprecedented, full scale Arctic drill providing unique opportunities to examine deployment techniques and recovery effectiveness in extremely harsh, subzero conditions. Temperatures ranged from -3 to -19°C with ice conditions varying from 0.3 to 1 m thickness.



A variety of Lamor equipment was successfully deployed and tested during the 3-day drill including the vessel-mounted Sternmax skimmer, the Bucket 250 skimmer and the Arctic 125 skimmer. The incorporation of steam features, hot water injection, heating of hydraulic oils in hydraulic power packs and heavy-duty, durable mechanical construction of the equipment allow the equipment to acclimatize to the difficult operating conditions.

The Sternmax and the Bucket skimmer systems are designed to isolate the oil from the ice and during the tests demonstrated their excellent ice handling capacity. COO of Lamor Corporation, Rune Högstrom commented, “The development of increased efficiency and ice handling solutions are an important focus of Lamor’s research and development team. We are very pleased with the success of these drills and will continue to improve and expand the capabilities of our equipment.”

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