Lamor takes lead in implementing coworking model

Lamor Corporation 22 January, 2019
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“The third floor in the completely renovated building owned by Cospace Finland, will be an open office with flexible hot desks and space to encourage productivity and efficiency. The ergonomic aspect will also be showcased in a new way with couches and meeting areas for various needs.

“When we first moved to downtown Porvoo and established our HQ in this impressive, historic building three years ago, we initially had traditional work spaces but also semi coworking areas, “ says Fred Larsen, Lamor’s CEO.

“Soon it turned out that personnel started to convene in the coworking areas and also preferred working there. Since coworking has become the fastest growing work trend this decade, and extensive research suggests that coworking spaces have become the most productive places to work, over the home and traditional office environments, we also want to lead the way in this aspect, “ Larsen concludes.

Cospace was officially opened in March 2017 and has since then managed to attract over 25 companies as regular customers. While some use the occasional one-day-ticket, others prefer to go with the continuous monthly membership.

“Fiber Highway Finland Oy has its administration in the CoSpace facilities in Porvoo. We have gained a great deal of added value from working with different types of companies, from small product developers to international sales companies, such as Lamor, for example. Thus, we have the opportunity to learn to understand the entire value chain when developing new business activities. Spontaneous encounters among the companies in Cospace has already lead to many exciting new ideas and ventures” says Antti Ansas, Fiber Highway’s CEO.

Coworking has proved increasing efficiency to most users in multiple tests, for example:
•             75% report a boost in creativity after joining
•             65% say their standard of work had improved
•             74% of coworkers are more productive
•             86% have a larger business network
•             93% have a bigger social network

(Carsten Foertsch: Deskmag’s 2018 Global Coworking Survey).

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