Lamor offers high-quality masks to help protect against COVID-19

Lamor Corporation 15 July, 2020

- Lamor is taking their long expertise in environmental services to personal protective equipment.  

- They have medical grade face masks in stock in America. 


Finland, Porvoo, July 15, 2020 - Lamor has medical grade face masks available for purchase. They include the KN95 protective mask and the Type IIR disposable medical mask. The masks are stocked in key areas in the United States for immediate delivery. 

“We are in the safety business in our work in environmental services, and our staff have always used personal protective equipment (PPE),” says Brandon Buzarde, Vice President of Global Business Development for Lamor. “It was an obvious fit to take our expertise in sourcing PPE to keep our employees safe and use it to help hospitals, schools or local governments who also need this equipment.” 

Founded in Finland in 1982, Lamor specialises in environmental services, such as oil spill response, waste management and water treatment. They have been active in America for more than twenty-five years, and have helped clean up major disasters such as the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Stay safe with high-quality face masks 

Lamor has leveraged their long relationship with trusted suppliers to acquire two types of high-quality face masks at a competitive price. These masks have already been shipped to America and are available for immediate delivery. Lamor has been able to obtain a large number of face masks so they can serve even the largest customers. 

FB and LI_posts_ picture standard sizeThe KN95 protective mask includes five-layer filtration and has been CNAS certified. The type IIR disposable medical mask is configured in strict accordance with GMP standards and has been CNAS certified and SGS and MDD tested. The masks have been tested for a variety of factors, including screening efficiency, inhalation and exhalation resistance, flammability and strength of material. 

KN95 protective mask flyerIIR disposable medical mask flyer

“Some hospitals have had quality issues or even cases of fraud when they purchased PPE, so we are very serious in obtaining only high-quality equipment from trusted vendors,” Buzarde says. “We have made sure that they have been certified.” 

Sanitation services also available 

In addition to providing PPE, Lamor is also using their decades of experience in environmental clean-up in other ways.  They offer specialised services in cleaning, disinfecting and controlling environments that could be threatened by COVID-19. Industrial, commercial and government customers use Lamor to clean and disinfect areas using procedures which comply with WHO and CDC guidelines. 

“Much of what we do is removing or containing contaminants,” says Buzarde. “Our mission is to clean the world, and here we take the decades of expertise we have in removing or containing hydrocarbons and use it to fight COVID-19.” 

Lamor Disinfection Services 

If you would like to learn more about the high-quality face masks Lamor currently has available, or any other of Lamor’s products or services, please contact Brandon Buzarde directly at or +1 (832) 264-6962. 

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