Lamor Nearshore Workshop and Equipment Demo Days

Lamor Corporation 20 January, 2015

A panel of distinguished experts in oil spill response and recovery at the event was chaired by the European Maritime Safety Agency’s (EMSA) Victor Diaz Seco, Head of Section – Response Assistance Pollution Response Services Unit. Other panel members were Jan Fälteke, Swedish Coastguard (SKB), Kalervo Jolma, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Nick Quinn, Australian Marine Oil Spill Center (AMOSC).

Top topics covered:
– Strategic locations for nearshore protection
– Contingency planning for southern Finland
– Nearshore protection in Sweden
– The Godafoss case

Having input from around the world was considered extremely valuable resulting in current and rewarding exchanges and challenges pursuant to nearshore oil spill recovery and clean-up operations. A consortium of representatives bring varying geographical expertise, knowledge and experiences on how best to tackle an oil spill effectively to preserve eco-systems and guard against the impacts of such incidents.

The equipment demonstrations provided useful and appreciated hands-on experience. Lamor displayed its arsenal of nearshore oil spill response equipment, including the Minimax 25 and Multiskimmer, Rock Cleaner, power packs, pumps as well as a series of Lamor Oil Booms.

The Lamor Umbilical Hose Reel System and the new Lamor Boom Bag were deployed. The Landing Crafts, Seahunter Work Platforms and Shallow Water Oil Recovery Catamaran with Bow Collector were deployed and participants could try out their efficiency and flexibility during an incident.

The Lamor facility tour introduced innovations such as the Lamor EKO/GRIDTM Land Remediation concept, the Industrial Skimmer and the oil tank testing for skimmers and pumps.

Ultimately these events prove to be beneficial and constructive, and Lamor will continue organizing them with themes focusing on Arctic and offshore operations in the near future.

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