Lamor expands its expertise to Waste Management and Water Treatment services

Lamor Corporation 13 February, 2020
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Lamor is entering a new era in its history with even bigger goals to clean the world. Being an expert in oil spill response equipment and services, we are now expanding our focus from cleaning oil spills to cover also waste management and water treatment solutions. 

Waste Management

Waste can be very harmful to the environment and people, but it also often has a value as raw material. Our approach is to tackle the individual needs of our customers by offering technical expertise and know-how, ensuring that maximum value is extracted whilst maintaining compliance with local legislation and providing environmental protection at all times.

Lamor waste management

Industries served include: Upstream Oil & Gas; Downstream Petrochemicals & Refining; Manufacturing & Production; Utilities; Public Sector, etc. The services range from waste treatment & disposal solutions and compliant port waste reception facilities to training and consultancy.
A full list of services can be found here: Waste Management ServicesIn recent years, Lamor has become renowned for its waste management services with a track record of successfully completed projects worldwide for especially the oil industry cluster but other businesses as well. 

Water Treatment

We work with municipal potable water and large scale industrial segments continually, and hence we increase our capacity to provide purification solutions for the most demanding needs. We provide our customers with the best cost-efficient solution, tailor and customize it to meet their preferences.

water treatment

 A full range of water treatment services, including potable water treatment solutions and water intake protection, can be found here: Water Treatment ServicesLamor is a global leader in  oil spill response and recovery with a worldwide network, which gives us a competitive edge in also offering our customers the best available technical solutions for water treatment and waste management services.

The umbrella of Environmental Solutions

Each of our business lines – Oil Spill Response, Waste Management, and Water Treatment - strongly support each other with technical knowledge, a portfolio of solutions and excellent customer service. Utilizing Finnish expertise and our global community, we are cleaning the world together day by day.
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