Lamor continues to develop its presence in Peru as a socially responsible company

Lamor Corporation 05 February, 2018
programs promote a social balance based on respect of the culture of the Indigenous communities

Lamor provides a variety of environmental services to the global community that prevent and combat the spread of pollution, defend and restore environments when an incident occurs, and remediate contaminated and impacted lands and materials. Lamor is universally renowned for the development and production of innovative, high-tech equipment designed to prevent, collect and recover varying types of spilled oils in a variety of environments and climates. The effectiveness and efficiency of Lamor’s services and equipment have been tried and tested across the world, subsequently positioning Lamor at the forefront of environmental leaders endorsing quality, performance, social awareness and responsibility.



Business lines offered by LAMOR Peru include: specialist consulting; the preparation and implementation of contingency and emergency plans; spill response training; incident command systems; crisis management teams; specialized equipment for emergency spill response and remediation; and pollutant management.

LAMOR Peru has four Tier I and Tier II response bases (Callao, Talara, Amazonas and Pucallpa). These bases allow LAMOR to provide rapid response services for the country's main oil and port operations. LAMOR Peru’s response capacity is enhanced by Tier I & Tier II response bases located in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Brazil, as well as Tier III global support from the most advanced emergency response centers and largest equipment stockpiles positioned in Finland, USA, China, Oman and Dubai.



LAMOR’s mission is to provide tailored environmental solutions including global, strategic support. A paramount component of LAMOR’s business vision is to safeguard and promote social, commercial and environmental development. In 2017, LAMOR’s response capacity and presence in Peru grew largely when consulting and operational response services were activated to provide support to an incident. This increased presence resulted in the opportunity for LAMOR to actively engage and invest in environmental, economic and social sustainability in the local communities.



Working in union with PETROPERU, LAMOR has been actively engaged in the clean-up and remediation activities following the escape of oil from the North Peruvian Pipeline. This project provided LAMOR the framework to offer and provide a variety of services that would help local communities and residents. The location of the work introduced LAMOR to the local Indigenous communities residing in the project areas of the Amazonian Rainforest.

LAMOR was granted a permit by the DICAPI (Peru's Directorate General of Captaincy and Coastguard) to perform work at sea, in rivers and in bodies of water within the territories of Peru. This honor has permitted LAMOR to provide environmental services and highly-skilled operational support, along with the opportunity to develop social programs and social activities for the local communities. These social activities have been carried out and coordinated in collaboration with PETROPERU and are based on a commitment to appreciate, embrace and apply PETROPERU’s social policies coalesced with LAMOR’s own social policies. Consequently, these programs and activities are jointly designed by PETROPERU and LAMOR to develop a cohesive social strategy aimed at supporting and strengthening the Indigenous communities who inhabit the areas where environmental remediation projects are taking place.



The implementation of a consistent corporate social responsibility policy, social investment programs, diagnostic tools and processes for prioritizing social investments add a social dimension in-line with LAMOR’s business vision to promote beneficial in-country development. To date, these programs have benefited more than 30 Indigenous communities living in the Peruvian Rainforest improving conditions and welfare for the communities while providing healthy interaction between communities and the companies working within these regions.

As part of these social welfare activities, LAMOR recently developed various programs in Bajo Morona including the enhancement of educational, healthcare and technology tools and resources; improvements to the local infrastructure including waste management; sporting activities with the creation of facilities to practice and play as well as sponsored events. These programs have helped promote a social balance and harmony based on respect of the culture, world view and the values of the Indigenous communities.



LAMOR would like to extend their gratitude to all the volunteers and participants in the programs, especially the women of these communities who have been an integral component of the integration of the social programs and activities. LAMOR promotes diversity initiatives to create equal opportunity for all genders and income levels, and has a huge appreciation for the role of the women within the Indigenous communities who enhance and increase the productivity of the economy while continuing to be a force for change in both social and environmental advancement.

As environmental protection, incident prevention and social responsibility becomes increasingly paramount in the world, LAMOR corporation and all its subsidiaries will continue to dedicate resources and infrastructure to the development of sustainable, progressive, innovative, technological, and conscious solutions. LAMOR’s affirms their commitment to the people of Peru, the environment and the Peruvian Industry with their continuous devotion to develop and advance social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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