Lamor cleans up environmental incidents in Latin America despite COVID-19 challenges

Lamor Corporation 21 May, 2020
Oil Spill Response in the Coca and River.

While the world is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamor makes sure that the environment is safe and natural resources are protected.

8 April 2020 - Oil Spill in Ecuador, the Coca and Napo rivers.

On April 8th, Corena, a Lamor Group company, received a call to assist with oil spills in eastern Ecuador from three major pipelines, broken due to landslides in the area. As one of the three companies coordinating the response actions, Lamor was given the responsibility of a 118 kilometre-long part of the contaminated area. In total, more than 260 people participated to clean up different zones of the Coca and Napo rivers.

The top priority and one of the hardest challenges were to protect the personnel involved in the clean-up operation from the COVID-19 virus, but Lamor responded fast to this. As in every emergency response, the Ecuador team reacted quickly and implemented needed preventive measures to avoid COVID-19 contagion in the responders.

Contamined water intake to Lamor Collapsible Tank

Among all the protective activities for oil spill emergency response plan, there is social distancing, correct use of personal protective equipment, hand sanitizing, health monitoring, site disinfection and strict health controls like the COVID-19 rapid test. The actions have shown to be successful, as there have not yet been any COVID-19 cases identified during the oil spill recovery 

Lamor is working close to the populated area that has been affected by the environmental incident. To limit the contaminated area, Lamor uses various oil spill response equipment and has put more than 1,500m of SFB booms in Coca river. The personnel are distributed in more than 20 clean-up points. Pumps, pressure washers and fast tanks are used in the operationContaminated vegetation is taken away from the river to be treated in Lamor waste management facilities, and riverbanks are washed with biodegradable degreaser. 

Contamined vegetation is removed from the river bank to be treated

While Lamor was mobilizing the response in Ecuador, the Navy Authority called Lamor´s business unit in Peru for a binational alert in case the environmental incident would cross the border and hit Peru. Together with the Ministry of Environment, Environmental Authority and Navy Authority, Lamor coordinated mobilisation of response equipment to the border and got the COVID-19 protocol in place. Everything was well prepared, and fortunately the incident didn´t advance across the border 

"We are proud to show the Peruvian authorities the level of professionalism that Lamor Peru has and the readiness we can provide for a major incident," says Erick Monge, Lamor Vice President of Sales in Latin America. 

Oil Spill Recovery boom deployment to mitigate the tanker spill18 April 2020 – Oil Spill in Uruguay, Punta del Este 

Across the continent, there was a minor oil spill from a tanker in Uruguay. Lamor responded to the oil spill together with their partner Lifisol at the Jose Ignacio SBM. By deploying Lamor equipment and vessel systems, the spill was quickly mitigated. An oil skimmer, oil spill boom and dispersants were used for the clean-up. Excellent communication and effective response while following COVID-19 protocols ensured a successful operation. 

"The current circumstances with travel restrictions and the need for additional safety measures change the way we’ve been working in Latin America and make our teams adapt to the situation. 

Thanks to all the people and their professionalism in these clean-up operations, Lamor has shown the ability to react quickly to emergencies in different scenarios," says Danilo Alvarez, Project Manager of Corena, a Lamor Group company. 

In these times of pandemic, when everything is decelerating, environmental incidents don´t stop, and Lamor continues to clean the world. 

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