Lamor and NCEC of Saudi Arabia will strengthen Oil Spill Response capabilities in Red Sea Area

Lamor Corporation 12 March, 2021
Lamor and NCEC of Saudi Arabia will strengthen Oil Spill Response capabilities in Red Sea Area

Porvoo, March, 12, 2021  - The Finnish environmental services company Lamor Corporation Ab and the National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) of Saudi Arabia have concluded an agreement to strengthen the Oil Spill Response capabilities in the Red Sea Area. Where it will build up the equipment and resource capability to respond to oil spill incidents in the area.

The Red Sea is one of the world’s busiest sea routes and the coastline has some absolutely pristine environments that could suffer irreparable damage in case of a major oil spill. Increasing the Kingdom's abilities to respond to incidents is a key mission of NCEC and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

“Signing this agreement marks an important milestone in the agency’s continuous efforts to improve the environmental protection abilities of the Kingdom,” commented Chief Executive Officer Ali S. Alghamdi of NCEC.

Lamor will provide a program of services, equipment and resources that will enhance the response capabilities in the region. The services include assessment of the current resources, contingency planning, knowledge transfer and training of responder resources. The services include the provision of both marine and aviation assets for oil spill response duties.  

Present at the signing ceremony in Riyadh, Fred Larsen of Lamor made the comment that “We are honoured to work with NCEC on such a comprehensive and ambitious program. As a global player, Lamor has participated in the response efforts of some of the largest oil spills in the world and seen the environmental impacts they caused. We know that establishing a high level of response-ability is fundamental in any nation’s contingency planning. We are happy to see NCEC take such a proactive approach to protecting the environment.”

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