Lamor and Arctia Present Ice Management & Oil Recovery Project Results

Lamor Corporation 30 March, 2017
The largest vessel-mounted skimmer adapted to arctic conditions

More than 30 attendants from oil spill response and maritime organizations attended the IMOR seminar. Attendees included representatives from the Canadian and Swedish Coast Guard, ITOPF and GosMorSpasSluzhba, the Russian State Marine Rescue Service, Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Coast Guard.

The IMOR project, started in 2015 and will be concluded this year, utilized the winterized Lamor Sternmax skimmer installed onboard the Arctia icebreaker Ahto. Test procedures were carried out when the vessel was underway and at a standstill in the varying ice conditions in the northern Gulf of Bothnia.

“The ice trials tested and examined the effectiveness of mechanical oil spill response operations in ice and the behavior of oil throughout recovery operations with different applications of the vessels position and propulsion,” explained Rune Högström, Lamor’s COO.

“The Sternmax is the world’s largest vessel-mounted skimmer dedicated to Arctic operations with a remarkable recovery capacity of 560 m³/h (2465 gpm). Test results proved that the vessel’s propulsion can induce a current to pull oil from under ice and concentrate the oil to the area of recovery where it can be effectively collected with the Sternmax oil recovery unit. Alternatively, the icebreaker can crush the ice and the Sternmax can then be deployed from the stern of the vessel into the ice for recovery operations,” said Högström.

“The trials performed for the IMOR project measured the flow of ice, water and a surrogate oil, Rhodamine dye, with varying scientific equipment to identify the effects of the propulsion system on surface currents.  Based on an understanding of flow dynamics, machinery and thrusters of an oil-recovery vessel the testing was able to identify how the vessel can redirect oil toward the area of recovery operations,” said Hanna Suutarla, Arctia’s Development Manager.



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