Industrial Applications – case Finland

Lamor Corporation 24 November, 2015
IPS Industrial Process Skimmer

Oil contaminating Industrial water reservoirs and water holding areas can pose a large problem in plants and factories, resulting in compromised functionality of the system and/or a loss of revenue due to temporary solutions. Lamor was contacted by a steel mill in Northern Finland to resolve this problem. The Industrial Process Skimmer (IPS) was developed as the long-term solution to this dilemma.

“The IPS was successfully installed at the steel mill. It has now been in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 1.5 years,”

-Juha Muhonen, Lamor’s VP of Finland & the Baltics.

“Oil contaminating the water reservoir is continuously collected and confined to the skimmer head where it is recovered with close to no water content. The system is designed so that no oil escapes ensuring that all oil wastage is eliminated,” Muhonen continues.

IPS Skimmer