Guam’s Oil Spill Recovery Capacity Significantly Improved

Lamor Corporation 20 March, 2017
Companies attending oil spill response training

OSROCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cabras Marine, and T&T operate the skimming system as well as an array of small crafts, and other specialized response equipment.  OSROCO, Cabras and T&T employees are trained and certified in accordance with the U.S. Federal Government’s oil spill response and safety standards. Moreover, the companies’ comprehensive oil spill response program focuses on safe and compliant on-water operations for prevention, containment, and protection of oil and fuel spills.

The LSC 4C Side Collector is permanently mounted to the dedicated response barge “Tabangao,” increasing the region’s Estimated Daily Recovery Capacity (EDRC) by an additional 12,000 bbls per day. The barge was recently overhauled by Cabras Marine Corporation’s Ship Repair Facility.  The barge will store approximately 4,700 bbls of recovered product in the event of a spill.

Cabras Marine is the leading provider of pilot, tug, barge, spill response, firefighting, ferry and shipyard services in Guam and the CNMI since 1970.

“This is history in the making to have our first USCG Certified Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) in Guam supporting recovery operations for the Mariana Island Region not only near shore but open ocean. This would not have been possible without the partnering commitment between OSROCo and T&T Marine, said John Manibusan, General Manager of Cabras Marine, who was leading the exercise.

T & T Marine Salvage, established in 1957, supports approximately 40 locations in the US and its territories with additional operational bases in South America, Europe and Asia.  T & T owns and operates a wide assortment of equipment supporting OPA 90 Spill Response, Salvage and Marine Firefighting Services.  Lead Response Director, Mike Popa, who was on scene for the exercise, commented:

“The addition of this vessel to the OSROCO and T&T Fleet solidifies our commitment to the industry and people of Guam and the CNMI. We continue to grow the emergency response assets of the region with our Guam partners Cabras Marine and Unitek”.

In conjunction with the training and commissioning, a demo day was held which included visitors from the US Coast Guard, Mobil, IP&E, Vital Energy and Guam Port Authority to name a few. An overview of the new technology now available in Guam to respond to a catastrophic spill was given.

“It’s very important for all organizations including community leaders that would be involved in a large event to see and understand the resources that are now available on the island.  No one wants to see oil spilled in the water, but it certainly helps rest one’s mind knowing that the Best Available Technology is on scene to respond with fully trained operators,” states Dan Beyer, General Manager of Lamor USA.


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