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Lamor Corporation 16 March, 2016
MOS Sweeper

In-line with Lamor’s current growth strategy, an agreement to supply and promote Egersund Group’s cutting-edge oil spill response equipment worldwide has been formalized. Egersund will continue production of their product line and will work side by side with Lamor to supply the equipment to markets where the equipment is needed and necessary.

Egersund’s line of Marine Oil Spill (MOS) Sweepers is a welcome addition to the arsenal of Lamor’s oil spill response equipment. Fred Larsen, President and CEO of Lamor commented, “Adding more heavy artillery to our equipment portfolio is always a positive advancement. The effectiveness of the MOS Sweeper as a high speed, single vessel advancing system has already piqued customer interest and resulted in multiple demonstrations and a number of systems have now been supplied.”

The MOS Sweeper system set a startling record with an oil recovery rate of 96.4% during NOFO’s realistic oil on water exercise in 2015. This recovery rate combined with Lamor skimmer systems, that collect 96% oil, will result in an extremely effective rapid response system.

Lamor will provide components such as reels, power packs, skimmers and pumps that are already key items in Lamor’s equipment portfolio allowing Egersund to produce and develop their line of MOS Sweepers.

“Lamor is the market leader of OSR equipment and have already established strong global relationships. This, combined with their range of respected equipment, make them the perfect partner to promote the MOS Sweeper,” Bjørn Havsø, Managing Director of Egersund Group stated.
Update 19th May 2016

Egersund Trål AS has signed a contract with NOFO (Norwegian Oil Spill Association For Operating Companies) for another delivery of the oil spill recovery system MOS Sweeper.

MOS Sweeper is a complete single vessel oil containment and recovery system, which can chase, collect and pump oil during operation from the ocean back to the towing vessel.

The MOS Sweeper system has repeatedly proven its strong ability to collect oil spills and on the oil-on-water exercise last year the system had an impressive recovery rate.

We are very pleased that NOFO once again select the MOS Sweeper system to strengthen the oil spill preparedness on the Norwegian continental shelf, it is a great reference for us says Bjørn Havsø in Egersund Trål.

This high-speed sweeper system with integrated pump will make NOFO better equipped to deal with an oil spill in the event of an incident says Managing Director Leif J. Kvamme at NOFO.


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