Danish Defence receives Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts

Lamor Corporation 25 October, 2018

The vessels are equipped with diesel inboard engines with bottom cooling/closed cooling system, enabling them to sail in oil/oil polluted water, cranes with grab for recovery of heavy/very viscous oil products, and specially fitted side cassettes for oil spill recovery operations with a recovery capacity of 20m³/h. All tanks have oil bag inserts for easy disposal of recovered oil. The LSLC 7400s have four 350 liter open tanks and the LSLCs have six 1,000 liter tanks.

“The vessels are easy to transport on their own trailers and two of the small 7.4 m vessels can also effortlessly be loaded onto a Hercules C-130 aircraft, which fits two vessels including trailers, all necessary equipment and DEMA crew for the two vessels,” says CommanderJack Brandt Jørgensen from the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization.
“The landing crafts are approved by the Danish Air Force for air transport,” Jørgensen concludes.


Some technical highlights include:

  • Bollard pull 2.1 tons, enabling the vessels to tow booms and take part in sweep operations.
  • Crane onboard
  • Diesel engines 2 x 170 hp, speed 0.5 to 12 kn
  • Recovery capacity 20 m³/h
  • Storage capacity 1.4 t / 6.0 t
  • Vessels on road transport trailers
  • Deployment from trailer into water
  • Diesel driven rotary lobe oil transfer pump
  • Heated cabin and reinforced hull for use in wintertime and in Greenland
  • Clamshell grab for crane that can lift very viscous oil and oily debris in containers
  • Built in accordance with Danish Maritime Administration rules and regulations “Notice F”


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