Enabling sustainable development, in harmony with local communities utilising Finnish values

Lamor Foundation

The Lamor Foundation leverages mutual expertise and reach across the world to enable people worldwide to have a proper, clean and safe environment regardless of country, region, and community.


Companies need a trusted partner to help implement their CSR obligations to the local communities in which they operate. Lamor has a presence in 104 countries and is well-placed to support initiatives which have a positive social impact.


From its beginnings, Lamor has used innovative technologies to clean and preserve the environment. The Lamor Foundation fosters green alternative technologies, helping them to advance from proof of concept to a viable sustainable solution.


In order to achieve these ambitious plans, Lamor is partnering with Practical Action - International Charity Organization - to leverage mutual expertise, experience, and the ability to execute projects globally.

Focus Areas:

Build climate resilience to protect lives and livelihoods by implementing proactive measures and readiness for environmental events.

To assist local energy producers to lower the impact and disruption to local communities and the environment.

Make populated areas better places for people to live and work through preventive measures and environmental awareness.

Improve access to clean energy that transforms lives.

Minimize the environmental impact of ongoing economic development and consumption, thus reducing the risk of harm to the people of developing nations.

Transform food production for smallholder farmers.

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David Nazha



"The Lamor Foundation brings decades of experience in environmental protection across the globe to some of the world’s most complex problems. We support companies to fulfil their corporate social responsibility initiatives and foster innovative, sustainable and alternative technologies to help make the world a better, cleaner place."

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