GTA Screw Pumps

The GTA Pump series are multi-purpose submersible Archimedes positive displacement high performance screw pumps. In addition to being a primary oil transfer pump, the GTA pumps can be utilized for numerous applications such as offloading emergency pumping of heavy crude, bitumen, tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, sludge removal etc.The GTA pumps design promotes a smooth pumping action and easy flow control that will not emulsify oily water and reduces cavitation ensuring a constant flow. The efficiency of the GTA pumps can be increased with a built-in annular water injection (AWI) flange at the pump inlet, and optionally at the pump outlet, which decreases the pressure in the oil transfer hoses thus making operations safer.The pump casing is compact and made of robust seawater resistant aluminum. Moreover, all internal components are made of acid proof steel with specialized seals. The GTA pumps have a debris grid and a cutting knife fitted on the inlet. The pumps can be equipped with several different discharge port options, types and sizes. The pumps can easily be serviced on site with replaceable parts.The pump capacity of the GTA pumps are certified by Bureau Veritas in varying oil viscosities.For more detailed information about the range of pumps, please see the Downloadables-section for individual product documentation, or contact your nearest Lamor salesperson for a quotation or with any questions.

Special Features

Compact design, light weight

Robust and seawater resistant

Pumps multiple oil viscosities

Aluminum nickel plated casing

Acid proof steel internal parts

Annular water injection (AWI) on inlet

Cutting knife on inlet

Various discharge port options

Small size for easy installation through manhole

Capacity certified by Bureau Veritas

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