Weir Skimmer 1300

The durable and self-adjusting LWS 1300 is a high capacity weir type oil recovery skimming unit designed to recover oil in offshore operations and in J/U sweep configurations. The LWS 1300’s large diameter, high buoyancy to weight ratio and its free-floating weir provide excellent wave following characteristics and is suitable for use in all environments.The skimmer is manufactured from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel with three adjustable aluminum floats. The unit is equipped with a self-adjustable weir bellow having an aluminum weir lip. Used together with the Lamor Umbilical Hose and Reel, deployment is easy and safe and remote controlling is possible. The unit can alternatively be lifted from a single central lifting point.The unit is designed to be used with an oil transfer pump and can also be fitted to a suction or vacuum system. The recommended pump selection is the GTA or MSP 150 pump. Alternatively the LWS 1300 can be fitted with two pumps, the GTA and the MSP 150. This results in the unit being more suitable for a wider range of recovered oil viscosities and optimizing its capacity. Effective thrusters are another option making the unit more mobile for use in J/U sweep configuration.

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Technical Specifications
Item ID
2660 mm / 105 in
2214 mm / 87 in
2190 mm / 86 in
420 kg / 926 lbs
1420 mm / 56 in
360 m3/h /1585 gpm
Free water collected
<30% / <30%
Special Features

Suitable for recovery of all oil viscosities, including weathered crude

Self-adjusting weir principle

Robust and durable aluminum construction

Detachable and adjustable floats for easycleaning and storage

Modular skimmer (several pump options,thrusters and brushes)

Lifting with umbilical hose or single pointlifting

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