Subvac Solution

The Lamor SUBVAC system is designed for the recovery of light and heavy fuel oil from the tanks of the shipwrecked vessel using vacuum suction. The fuel oil can be heated by steam to make the oil fluid and to heat the suction pipes for oil transfer. In addition to this, the equipment can absorb just water and other non-hazardous liquids. The equipment must not absorb, for example, crude oil, gasoline or other explosive liquids, nor solids! The components of the Lamor SUBVAC system form an independent oil suction transmission system. The system consists of units, which include a separator unit and a viscosity control unit, as well as device units that produce the energies used by the system; such as vacuum, hydraulic, compressed air, water pump, steam and electricity. The system includes hoses and hose reels, accessory kits, a container for monitoring, and four containers suitable for sea transportation, where device units can be transported and stored. As additional components, the system comes with a series of suction hoses, cones for oil tank air ducts, which can be connected to different types of hoses in tank pipes. Equipment components can be lifted by crane, lifting slings on units, or forklift under boxes on units.

Special Features

Innovative suction principle

Designed down to 300 meters

For different climate conditions

Integrated tools for different tasks

Remotely controlled, safe operations

Viscosity control system with heated cargo hoses

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