Self-Priming Oil Transfer Pump LSPC 330

The Lamor Self-Priming Centrifugal (LSPC) 330 oil transfer pump is a skid-mounted automatic, self-priming suction pump. Designed to pump clear and dirty liquids with solids up to 7mm (3”) in diameter the pump can be used in a variety of environments. The durable construction makes the pump suitable for use with abrasive liquids. The pump is designed to be operated in the most arduous circumstances encountered in construction, mining and municipal industries with unequaled performance in effluent disposal and slurry handling. The LPC 330 is equipped with a three-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine. The robust engine allows for worldwide operation while meeting EU and US emission requirements. The system has no problems with oil vapor emissions and oil emulsification associated with similar priming systems. The LPC 330 has a re-priming function for ease of use, a separate foot valve is not necessary. The pump can be run dry indefinitely. The suction depth of the pump is over 7.5 meters (25 feet). Outlet and inlet ports are equipped with standard 6” DN 150 PN 16 (ASA 125) fixing flanges. Both ports can be equipped with optional additional 6” stainless steel Camlock coupling (male/female, 0/90 degrees). The model is skid mounted on a steel frame with lifting points and fork-lift slots and the frame incorporates rubber shoes/pads for interior use.

Technical Specifications
Item ID
1850 mm / 72.8 in
700 mm / 27.5 in
1480 mm / 58.3 in
750 kg / 1653 lbs
334 m³/h* / 1471 gpm*
Deutz D2011L04i
Victor S 160
Total Head
40 m / 131ft
Pump speed (max)
2200 rpm
Pump speed (min)
1200 rpm
Impeller size (dia)
280 mm / 11 in
Engine cylinders
Engine speed (max)
2200 rpm
Engine speed (min)
1000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
100 l / 26.4 g
Fuel consumption
9l/h / 2.4 g/h
90 dB
Emission rating
EU Stage IIIA/US EPA Tier 3
Discharge pressure
2.1 bar / 30.5 psi
@ 320 m³/h (1409 gpm)
1.2 bar / 17.4 psi
Power requirement
47.5 kW / 64 hp
Self-priming lift
8.5 m / 25 ft
Max solids side
75 mm / 3 in
Pump I/O flange
DN150 PN16 / ASA 125 6"
Special Features

High capacity

Vortex style pump

Environmentally friendly automatic self-priming

Emission compliant engines

Ease of operation & maintenace

Handles large diameter solids

Steel frame & skid w/ lifting eyes & forklift slots

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