Heavy Duty Boom Neoprene

The Inflatable Neoprene Oil Boom HDB-N is an oil containment boom with inflatable cylindrical floats for use in nearshore, harbors, open waters and offshore. These booms are designed to offer fast deployment and reliable operation with low personnel requirements. Their proven design and construction, low inflation pressure and high buoyancy to weight ratio give them excellent wave following characteristics and reliable oil containment even in adverse weather conditions in all climates, even in Arctic conditions. The HDB Neoprene booms are entirely manufactured from Neoprene coated polyamide. It is particularly robust, giving a long service life with a minimum of maintenance. Each Individual Buoyancy Chamber is isolated. If one air chamber should get damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers will not be affected and will remain inflated. This fabric is both strong and abrasion-resistant, giving rise to extremely robust and high-quality booms. It is also highly resistant to oil, chemicals, all weather conditions, and UV light. The boom fabric color can be selected black or orange.

Technical Specifications
1200-2000 mm / 47-79 in
Section length
50/100 m / 164/328 ft
440-650 mm / 17-25.6 in
560-1070 mm / 22-42.1 in
7.4-12.3 kg/m / 4.9-8.3 lbs/ft
Air chamber length
2600 mm / 102.4 in
Neoprene (CR) coated polyamide EP 125*2
Tensile strength
12,500 N/5 cm / 2,900 lbf/2 in
Max. working load
600 kN / 150,000 lbf
12 N/mm / 68 lbf/in
End connector
ASTM F 962 as standard
Special Features

Simple and rapid deployment – each chamber individually inflated

Compact storage volume

Durable fabric

Excellent wave following performance

High buoyancy to weight ratio

Requires minimal amount of operators

Safe to use and deploy – low pressure air source

Low maintenance and easy cleaning

UV resistant and highly resistant to oil and chemicals

Flexible, various options in section length and color

Galvanized ballast steel chain grade G80

OPTIONAL Lifting handles available on request

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