Bow Collector

The Lamor Bow Collector is a stiff brush conveyor belt unit which effectively recovers oil and debris. The LBC recovers oils of all types and viscosities and can operate in choppy sea conditions without disrupted performance and its brush conveyor automatically separates and recovers oils, emulsions and oily debris from the water.The bow collector operates most effectively at vessel speeds of up to four knots. Forward motion of the vessel concentrates surface oil and oily debris into the brush conveyor for separation and recovery. Recovered oil contains less than 5% free water.The skimmer module is hydraulically powered and has a tilt cylinder for changing between storage and operational positions. Due to the design of the bow collector, the skimmer can be deployed with a minimum of effort while maintaining maximum safety. The skimmer can be deployed within minutes upon arrival at any spill site.The technical specifications vary on the size of the Bow Collector and vessel, please see the Downloadables-section for technical specifications of some of the LBCs we can offer, or contact your nearest sales representative for more information.

Special Features

Up to 4 kn skimming speed

Easily deployed

Collects all oil viscosities

Low free water content in recovered oil

Vessel mounted

Robust and durable

Low maintenance

User friendly

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