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Lamor Corporation 04 November, 2020
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Someone once said, “It’s not how you start, it is how you finish that is important.”As we push through Q4 of this challenging year, Lamor is prepared now more than ever to help ensure our industry-leading products and services are available to meet the ever-changing demands of our current and future marketplace. 

While we continue to acclimate, Lamor has focused on leveraging its global footprint with stockpiles of oil spill response equipment strategically located throughout our 13 global hubs. Our equipment is ready to sell, rent or lease to own in a moments’ notice.  

When you look at your company's safety and risk prevention measures in 2021, are they where you would like them to be? Does your company need help in creating an optimal strategy? Although the world is still a ways away from normalizing at this particular time, we hope that your businesses and individual needs are easier to forecast and Lamor can play a pivotal role in provisioning your operation with the right tools necessary to tackle projects and planned contingencies. 

“It is Not If a Spill Will Happen….It is When.” Preparation is the key to success.

The mission and philosophy of Lamor consists of three parts: “let’s”, “clean” and “the world”. Each part of the sentence refers to an essential element of how Lamor operates. We are proud of our mission and invite anyone who shares our values to join us. Allow us to be your partner for whatever may arise in the coming year.  

Lamor also offers an extensive catalog of equipment available to be shipped next-day. Equipment suitable for a wide range of environmental scenarios including onshore, rivers, nearshore, harbors, offshore and arctic conditions.

Our inventory includes over


Please contact the Lamor sales team today to learn more about our current delivery incentives and bundled product offerings. We know incidents happen and we are prepared to help you!

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