Lamor Integrated Environmental Response Services

25 April, 2019

Following 35 plus years of Lamor Corporations continuous investment in building a global service organization, in late 2015 the decision was taken to fully integrate this service offering and fully promote our extensive experience, expertise and resources that have been developed over the past decades and build upon Lamor’s manufacturing heritage. Some new additions to the Lamor family were brought in during this timeframe, leading experts in oil spill and hazardous waste management, to strengthen the company’s position and ensure a more centralised corporate function enabling the experience and ongoing works to be pulled together under one cohesive team.

To some, Lamor will still be synonymous with its equipment manufacturing heritage and proudly so, however, it is now our goal to ensure our clients across the globe are fully aware of this comprehensive portfolio of solutions whilst showcasing the decades of experience we have gained. Together, these solutions and experience fundamentally allow our clients to focus on core business activities without tying up large amounts of resources in non-core areas, we see our clients seeking ever more cost effective and streamlined approaches to the provision of these services.

It may also come as a surprise to those knowing us from old or new to learn that Lamor is established and providing services in over 18 countries, when we say established this means physical assets on the ground, be it personnel, equipment, facilities or a combination of these. We are of course also operating on a project by project basis in many other countries and have a sales network spanning more than 90+ countries.

This vast network is important with regards to our client relationships and again is part of our ongoing work to spread the word. These relationships are brought together from our equipment sales team and their agents and from the more recently formed centralised corporate expertise team, by leveraging these often overlapping connections we can be truly connected with our clients at both their corporate and business unit level to ensure that Lamors integrated services can be fully and most cost effectively utilised across our clients often global footprint. It is our mission to support our clients needs wherever they may be and at the same time support the local communities where we operate.

Our business model varies throughout the world but is largely consisting of local partnerships, sometimes starting as small interests in a local partner upon which we grow this interest with the expansion of the business. We feel it is often an advantage, even if not dictated by law, to have a local partner who understands the country of operation and Lamor provides its technical know-how and experience to assist as necessary. In all of our locations local content is absolutely and 100% at the forefront of our approach, and we have an enviable track record with the majority of our business units operating with 100% local personnel. Corporate social responsibility is likewise part of our business DNA and something Lamor is extremely proud and committed to promote in its vast reach across the globe.

Integrated services; our position is to offer a unique suite of services that are interconnected at many stages of our client’s operational cycles. From early stage planning, through to operations and legacy responsibility we are able to fully support our client’s environmental needs. Be it in Oil Spill Response (OSR), waste management, hazardous material disposal and treatment solutions, training and consultancy. We have the unique capability to offer these services as independent stand-alone solutions as well as elements of an integrated service offering. Our ability to provide an end-to-end service package provides customers with a one-stop-shop for environmental response services, allowing them to streamline sourcing, reduce costs and focus on critical operations. By combining the full portfolio of services Corena Group offers a simplified procurement through a single point of access and consistent quality and standards across every service line.


We pride ourselves in not standardising, but making specific equipment selections, facilities and or trainings fit for purpose, location and the client.


Since personally being associated with the business over the last 3 years I have seen the opening of business units in several countries including Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Guyana, Trinidad, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan to name a few. We pride ourselves on being very proactive in new territories where our clients are also in early business phases or likewise in locations where clients are in more established phases but where a desire is seen for alternative options to that which already exists in country.

Via our integrated management system (IMS), which has also been a key initiative over the last years, we are able to ensure a standardised level of HSE commitment across all of our operating locations and one our clients can be assured of and familiar with wherever they come across the Lamor brand.

Corena personnel have extensive experience in both managing and operating in numerous oil spill response projects, having responded to the majority of best known large scale incidents during the last 30 years, in North America, Central and Southern America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, with existing equipment stockpiles in the US GOM, Finland, UAE, Brazil and China with more regional stockpiles in Mexico, Oman, Qatar, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, West Africa and Russia and hence is more than qualified and capable of offering worldwide 24/7 emergency response services.

Lamor has the ability to respond in the event of a large scale (Tier 3) response in many parts of the world by utilising, and taking advantage of a combination of in-country, regional and international resources, a truly unique capability. With over 1000+ personnel worldwide and the equipment stockpiles already outlined, we can truly offer a local and global response and combine our waste handling knowledge to further streamline the process.

In addition to emergency response and hazardous waste management services, the company provides Consultancy and Nautical Institute (UK) accredited oil spill response training, plus HNS training as per the IMO guidelines.  Training provided is a combination of both theoretical and practical courses and meets the requirements set by the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness Response and Co-operation 1990 (OPRC Convention) and the OPRC HNS Protocol 2000. In addition ICS 100-700 inclusive.

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